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Founded in Alsancak, Northern Cyprus, Okan Benn had a vision in 2009 of a graphic and web design studio dedicated to designing web pages especially for property developers. Gaining experience from a very lucrative career in the UK, Benn brought that over and incorporated it into the core value of his booming business.

He started with Branding and Logo Designs for their various project but did not stop there; promoting property, he went into designing brochures, marketing materials, developing CGI imagery and designing floor plans as well.

iDesign prides itself on producing quality webpages with high value. Our staff doesn’t stop until we at least meet your demands or you are satisfied with the results of our work. All of this, just for the right price which we won’t go over but will strive to stay under.

Whether you need:

  • Design – Branding/Logo/Web Design/Web Development/Graphics and Banners
  • Promotion – Advertising/Letterheads/Brochures/Business Cards/Flyers/Print Works
  • Photo Retouch
  • Secure Hosting
  • Domain Registration and Email Setup

We are the people to go to!

Okan Benn believes that he is filling a need in Cyprus for quality design that is inexpensive; someone who works locally, knows the land and its surrounding, and is skilled enough to create web designs with familiarity of the people and their culture.