Modern Design: Architecture’s Current Trends for Modern Property

As usual, when someone builds a skyscraper, almost everyone goes crazy. There’s a new innovation every year that makes people chase after these skyscrapers—a symbol of the opulence and success of the city it’s in more than any other defining mark.

What’s new and trendy

Almost every year, there are new innovations in buildings and structures. As technology advances, so does the process of creating structures. Here are a few of the more imaginative ones.

The Analemma Tower (asteroid)

This tower challenges people to re-imagine planetary colonization. The Clouds Architecture Office is responsible for this concept, which sees residents use parachutes if they want a little R&R on Earth. Their version of addressing the problem of overpopulation is to go on an asteroid directly above Earth and build a ground scraper—a reverse skyscraper—there.

Vertical Forest Seeds (Martian soil)

The problem of Martian terraforming may be addressed by this initiative. This proposal of a ‘vertical forest’ on Martian soil was actually an entry on what Shanghai would look like in the future, which they think wouldn’t be too different from mars. With water levels being what they are, in the future, the suggestion is to, instead, move the population over to Mars.

The Monument of Giant (Western US)

A team of South Korean designers have found another solution to over-population by creating an inventive idea—create homes inside the hollowed-out trunks of huge trees, like the sequoia trees they say are being destroyed by the fast pace of society. A look at the concept reminds one of the forests of Kashyyk—if you know your star wars.

Nautilus Eco-resort (Philippines)

This South-east Asian nation is blessed to have such warm climates that warrant their beautiful beaches. A concept for a different seaside resort was done recently with a Fibonacci-inspired shape. The French architect who made it envisions the resort as a place that brings the best of both worlds—the feeling of luxury mixed with a nature vibe.

Undersea Restaurant (Norway)

For the seafood lovers out there, this Norse underwater concept may be your ticket to a different dining experience. Out of all the concepts listed here, this one is actually the closest to becoming a reality. The undersea restaurant is actually a half-submerged structure with a bigger half situated underwater. You may actually experience it soon, as construction is set to start this year.

Building a Dream

It’s no surprise why concepts are getting bolder and bolder as the years roll by. The architects behind these projects may have had a dream that’s only starting to get realized as they start building. Let’s not forget that with the help of a 3D studio, which makes real estate renderings, your architectural project could benefit even more…