Put the Arc in Architect: Creativity and the Process of Design

It’s hard being an architect. It’s like putting together different work processes into one crazy package. At one point you’re thinking like an engineer with all the measurements and the math in your head; in another, you’re thinking like an artist with the different designs you have in mind sure to take the attention of the crowd.

There’s a process to get your creative juices flowing again in time with your logical talents. It’s an entertaining one too.

Creating a Distraction. When it gets too hard to think, or you’re suffering from creative block, think of something else as a distraction. The definition itself—something that amuses or entertains—is a dead give-away. With the distraction, you’re distracted from your problem as well as your work.By removing these, fresh ideas start to flow where old ones have died.

Start a Compendium of Ideas. Once those ideas start flowing, you’re going to have to keep thinking. There are so many creative ideas that may arrive so start a diary of these ideas. This way, when the block restarts itself again, you may have a source of welcome distraction. It may also be a wellspring of ideas that may eventually turn into reality at the right project and the right time.

des1 - Put the Arc in Architect: Creativity and the Process of Design

Drawing Inspiration. Another way of getting the creative block out is to be inspired. Who are the people you look up to? What kind of ideas would you have done if you had your way? By getting inspired, you stir your brain to think of something creative enough to feel unique. You may also get positive feelings enough to get you started on working on your idea.

Mind the Small Details. You may have been staring into a blank space on the paper during that block. Do you know what you could do? You could imagine what would look good in that idea. Something creative might pop up surprisingly or you may also design something functional that could be practical. The possibilities are endless but they only start if you nit-pick instead of stare.

Starting Creation. If you’re thinking all of these things and you’ve already started to feel the flow coming, you may be stoked enough to start working. Create something! It doesn’t have to be your work. It may be a pet project of sorts or a design you can re-use sometime. Get creating!

Creativity is a fickle friend. You either have it flowing into you effortlessly or not; the thing is to be creative even when it’s hard to be. Who knows, the best things may come just when you’re at your least creative!