Trust the Process: How an Architect Boosts Creativity

Every day you walk to work, you come face to face with buildings that may have been designed by an award winning architect. You might have marveled at how they may have come up with such a creative design, awed by the angles and the lines of the building and how each seems to serve a purpose.

You have to realize that it’s not really that easy to create such designs and the architect probably spent many sleepless nights coming up with the angles and functional ideas. Here’s how they would’ve probably spent their time in the process.

The Zen Zone

Do you have a place where only you have access and no other person can enter? This is your zone. This is where you usually let your mind run free and it’s where your creativity becomes boundless. However, once it gets too familiar, you should start looking for other alternatives. The world’s your zone and the people in it are only mere spectators.

arch1 - Trust the Process: How an Architect Boosts Creativity

The more complex, the better

Sometimes, thinking about the impossible leads to a possible idea that’s unique. Learn to make it a habit to think of complex shapes and angles that make sense. Sometimes, from the seeming improbability of these lines and angles, an idea comes forth that’s uniquely practical. It only gets better the more complex the ideas you have become.

Let the Children’s Laughter…

Another great place to let your mind run free is to go where the children are. There’s no one more creative than these little tykes and, incidentally, we were once among them—that’s what led to us becoming an architect or a doctor or a pilot. The creativity and randomness of children can also lead to ideas that aren’t as normal as people would think.

An idea of the works

Ideas come easier if you know the purpose of a structure or a drawing. Study blueprints and learn about what the design is and why it’s supposed to be like that. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to be taught about the concept of a structure. When you are familiar with what the idea is all about, it becomes easier to understand and craft new ideas from the main one.

Break Free from the Norm

To be truly creative, you shouldn’t put yourself into a box. Don’t listen to your own doubts and voices that say it’s impossible or impractical. The key to unique designs and creativity is to let your imagination rule the day. Go out and have fun. Talk to people who are on the same wavelength of creativity. It might be what will let those fresh ideas in.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg in letting ideas flow from your mind. They’re just locked in there somewhere. The key to letting them out is to be your own—original and unique.