So You Want to be an Architect: How to have a Successful Career

Architects are admired because of their different ideas and bold concepts. Not only can they build, they can also dream. There are a lot of designs out there that exist today, because the architects that designed them knew how to dream before they worked.

Some of the best careers started because architects kept some form of these tips in mind.

Don’t forget about modern technologies

And we’re talking here about architectural rendering services which provide good 3D studios. Without their help presentation of your work could be not so impressive as you can imagine.

No Complaints, Became Indispensable

Never complain at work. Aim to become so important in your position that your employer finds you an indispensable asset. The way to go about this is to keep honing your craft. Find seminars and keep plowing at it; don’t sweat the small stuff and ignore office politics, if any. You’ll soon see that there’s no sense minding the small things if you’re earning big.

Just Work, Carpe Diem

When someone says ‘Work during work hours,’ take it seriously. Become the best at what you do by seizing the day. Don’t dawdle around; if you see your peers slacking, it’s okay to join them for the sake of camaraderie. But don’t get too carried away relaxing or goofing around. Instead, you should always be at your work best. Learn to separate play from work in the best sense possible.

Don’t Abuse, Spread your Blessings

Very rarely do people get the good luck of finding a good employer. If you get one, an added blessing would be to get to focus on getting better on work. If this happens to you, don’t skimp on spreading the wealth; if you get to learn new and better things while at work, do become a mentor to others in turn. Remember, blessings are meant to be shared.

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Keep Learning, Find a Teacher

Don’t stop learning things just at work. If you find yourself with nothing to do and you don’t think of going out or seeing friends, learn something new. Find a mentor that will teach you how to become better at doing your work. This will enable you to become a teacher to others in turn while also learning things they may know that you have no idea about. It’s a cycle of learning.

Appreciate where you are, don’t overspend

One of the biggest mistakes young architects do is to spend like there’s no tomorrow, then sour grape when their finances run out. It’s never about that, usually; you should learn to create a budget then stick to it. If you run out of finances and think there’s a better job out there somewhere, always be grateful for what you have, and be thankful for your work.

A little humility and the realization that you’re still a student of life go a long way. It will also help you become a better architect who may one day count your name among the best of the best in the industry.