A Career Decision: Signs that you should be an Architect

At one point in time, we’ve wanted to become someone. Architects are a unique breed among those we wanted to be. The people who find themselves in this line of work has the right combination of crunching numbers, crafting lines, and at the same time imagining impossible things and finding the way to make those possible.

It’s not easy to become an architect. However, you may be on the path to becoming one if you:

Have Passion for Design and Creativity. Everyone has passion for certain things. A musician has passion for creating music; an artist has passion for splashing color on an otherwise bland, white canvas. Architects have the unique ability to design buildings for practicality while also possessing enough creativity to design diverse appearances for these structures.

Possess a Smart Mind. Potential architects need to possess a sound mind to understand the different basics of architecture. It’s not enough to just be creative; they have to study different disciplines under the fields of structural integrity, mechanical strength, and electrical layouts. It wouldn’t hurt to also have room for mathematical concepts.

A Hard Worker.Architects are known to be exceptionally hard workers. Hard work means to keep working until the wee hours and suffering the long grind; how long? It could last from as early as your regular work hours until the wee hours of the morning, at around 2AM or even later. You shouldn’t skimp on it, as your job is to make sure the structure is sound enough to withstand anything thrown at it.

Flexible enough to Persevere. An architect rarely gets to choose what they’re going to work on. One minute you may have something you absolutely love working with; the next you’re assigned something you absolutely abhor. Plowing through these with the same enthusiasm as if you’re working on something you’re passionate about pays off.

Thinks further out of the Box. If you see a bland, uninspiring building and think you could probably put something in it that will immediately make it different and unique, you’ve got the makings of an architect. You could try that out by redesigning existing buildings, starting perhaps with those most familiar to you, like a familiar building near you or your own home.

Architects are a different breed of artist altogether. They don’t just imagine or create art—they inspire it by placing it into otherwise practical structures. Do you have the makings of an architect?

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